Cannonball Run 2008 Dates and Locations

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Cannonball Run 2008 Dates and Locations

Postby OopsClunkThud » Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:26 pm

Due to being hit with spam again and the need to change hosting of the site, the forum is going to be locked to new posts and members for about the next month. In the mean time here are the dates, start and end points, and classes for the event.

This is everything that is needed to plan for the event at this point. Registration will not be limited and will start on Jan 1st 2008. The event will not provide centralized support so you should also collaborate with others to assure you have adequate support in place.

Thursday Sep 11th - Saturday Sep 20th 2008

San Francisco CA - Rehoboth Beach DE
Mostly on Hwy 50

M200 - Scooter with manual transmission not more than 202cc displacement

A190 - Scooter with automatic transmission not more than 195cc displacement

M250 - Scooter with manual transmission greater than 202cc and not more than 252cc

A250 - Scooter with automatic transmission greater than 195cc and not more than 252cc
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